Commercial Project Management

On time and on budget is how we deliver our projects at Lincs Site Services, and that is down to our incredible project management team. The success of any project, no matter the size, relies on effective communication and collaboration between those involved. This ensures the right outcomes are delivered within the required timeline.

All projects begin with an initial concept meeting where we take the time to fully understand your requirements. From there, we will develop solution concepts, and economic & feasibility studies, before moving onto the engineering phase. This involves the design, construction, commissioning and after-sales service that we provide to support our clients after delivery of the project.

By hiring Lincs Site Services to carry out commercial project management, this means you have more time to work on other important aspects of your business. We take care of the project and any issues that arise, ensuring that budgets and timelines are all adhered to.

A project schedule lays out all of the stages involved in a project, detailing what needs to be done, the resources required and when the project is due. It is essentially a timetable that outlines the start and end dates, along with any important milestones that need to be hit throughout the project to ensure it is completed on time.

Risk management is the process of reducing and potential issues which may negatively impact the timetable of a project. Risks can be anything from technology issues, staff absences, raw materials being unavailable etc. These potential risks need to be outlined at the start of the project to allow them to be factored into the timeline.

Why Choose Lincs Site Services To Manage Your Project:
  • Proactive, flexible approach to cost management
  • Clear & concise project management
  • We deliver strategic data which allows informed decision making
  • Deliver a tailored service, with innovative solutions
  • Extensive experience of providing project management services
  • Regular communication between all parties involved

We have extensive experience at providing commercial project management services across a range of sectors. Our expert project managers plan, lead and control every aspect of the project lifecycle to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

By adopting a flexible approach to cost management, we are able to easily embrace any changes that may arise through the design and engineering phases of a project. We constructively challenge those working on the project to ensure our clients receive the best value solution.